Naba Infrastructure Consultants specialises in Project Management and and Structural Building Assessments. We pride ourselves in scoping and implementing construction projects for our clients from inception to completion.

Our clients include any property owner that requires consulting for maintenance and new  construction projects within their property portfolio. We have managed to successfully complete projects for a variety of clients including: Sectional Title Schemes; Managing Agents; Property Funds; Private Property Owners and Insurance Brokers.

Please feel free to browse through our website for more details on our company, services we provide and completed projects and give us a call should you require any further information on the service that we can provide for you.



Naba provides consulting services for all aspects of building projects. Our experience has mainly been on commercial and residential developments and we strive to deliver a service to our clients that will make them return to us for the next project.

Our services start from the outset of the project with a high level assessment to determine the scope, duration and cost estimate. We will then assist with identifying the various contractors and suppliers required to implement the project and will facilitate the tender process prior to commencement.


Our role during construction is to control program, costs and quality to ensure that these three aspects are well balanced  and that a well executed project is handed over to the client with all appropriate supplier and installer guarantees and warrantees.



Our experience and involvement in the development of infrastructure gives us an understanding of the importance of maintenance to your asset. We provide maintenance consulting for any residential or commercial property to ensure that the life cycle of your asset is optimized and the costs to achieve this goal are kept to a minimum.

The first step of this service is to assess the current condition of all elements of the infrastructure and confirm the different services within the building. This information is then used to determine the timing and associated costs for the required maintenance cycles. This will allow the client to implement adequate financial planning that will ensure sufficient funds are available to perform the required works at the specified times.



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