NABA consists of a team of professionals and specialists in the Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Construction Management fields with a combined experience of over 50 years. The members of our team are passionate about infrastructure and appreciate the value of it in our society. We are driven by an outcome based ideology and believe that this approach enables us to deliver a service that will be of great value to our clients.


Our approach, as consultants, is to firstly fully understand the needs and requirements of our clients before we start to construct our solution to the challenge at hand. We aim to grow our company by providing a level of service that will ensure all our clients will be returning to us for their next infrastructure investments.

We specialise in the two fields listed below and more details on the specific services we provide can be seen in the Services page.



NABA provides consulting services for all aspects of building projects. We specialise in commercial and residential developments and we strive to deliver a service to our clients that will make them return to us for the next project.

Our services start from the outset of the project with a high level assessment to determine the scope, duration and cost estimate. We will then assist with identifying the various contractors/expertise required to implement the project and will facilitate the tender process prior to commencement.


Our role during construction is to control the program, costs and quality to ensure that these three aspects are well balanced  and that a well executed project is handed over to the client with all appropriate supplier and installer guarantees and warrantees.

Our experience and involvement in the development of infrastructure gives us an understanding of the importance of maintenance to your asset. We provide maintenance consulting for any residential or commercial property to ensure that the life cycle of your asset is optimised and the costs to achieve this goal are kept to a minimum.

The first step of this service is to assess the current condition of all elements of the infrastructure and confirm the different services within the building. This information is then used to determine the timing and associated costs for the required maintenance cycles. This will allow the client to implement adequate financial planning that will ensure that sufficient funds are available to perform the required works at the specified times.